I am a dreamer. 

My imagination is my core.  As a child I would spend hours dreaming of a different reality.  I wanted a life where my parents didn’t work so hard.  I wanted a world that wasn’t so limited.  I wanted to be on stage and spark joy in people. Nothing about that has changed for me.  I am still at my best when I have space to create new worlds in my mind and use my skill set to make sure they come to pass. 

That is what this space is about.  I believe that with our collective gifts, skills, and earnest hearts, we can change the world.  I choose to do that through writing, organizing, teaching, and film.  This is my life’s work.  That is why I have created a site for all of those things to exist in one space. 

As I build out this space, it’s my hope that you’ll take time to interact with the content, challenge me with a bit of grace, and share resources!  This is just the beginning!

In solidarity,